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Black Lives Matter 


Making mazes is somewhat meditative for me, and this is a good concept to meditate on. Download and use for your good causes. 

blm v4.gif

Black Lives Matter 


Simple GIF for an important movement. I am practicing animation techniques, and we should all be practicing looking inward towards equality. Please feel free to download and use for your good causes. 

harry mask.jpeg

Harry Houdini (the dog) Mask

Harry is a magical beast. Make your own mask in his likeness and run wild around town. Accurate colors are unnecessary. Print, cut out, color and decorate in the way you understand his inner-self. 

Sneaky Living  Vol. 2

Like Vol. 1 but not. We again have a variety of mazes, coloring pages and games. And this time around I threw in some pruppets, tunnel books, masks, and other oddities. Contact me if you want a physical one, otherwise enjoy the free download. 

Sneaky Living  Vol. 1

This is a compilation of most of what I have made in 2016 creatively. It is 28 8.5x11" pages. There are some mazes, coloring book collages, and other weird activities. Download the PDF for free or $5 for a physical copy if I can hand it to you $6 if I need to ship it. The PDF is not the highest quality due to site limitations, but it is still pretty fun. You can also sponsor a "shop-drop" of a copy for $4. That is I will leave an issue of this thing in a place that might have other coloring or activity books (CVS, doctor waiting room, etc.) as if it were supposed to be there. I will take a picture of the shop dropping and send you the pic. You can send payments to my PayPal account under or just meet me in person if you are into that kind of thing.

I would also be up for trading art, music, zines, etc. 

Feeling like I am giving away too much for free? Well if the guilt is bugging you too much, feel free to send a donation to my Venmo account @shapeandsoundarts

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