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Through both the Art that I make and the Art that I teach, I am striving to create experiences where myself and others can think and learn in new and surprising ways. I aim to teach and make Art in a way that inspires and assists in more creation to occur, for I believe it is important for everyone to be in touch with their ability to create something and the meaning, ideas, and questions that are connected to that something. I aim to provide experiences of playful exploration that support a deeper understanding of ideas such as collaboration, cooperation, empathy, voice, and identity. I incorporate work and ideas from contemporary and often local artists who are dealing with relevant ideas and challenges. I regularly pay attention to how education and ideas are shared in other fields so that I may be better equipped to find new and effective ways of connecting with my students. 


My day to day teaching practice would be described as a Choice-Based Hybrid. There are required tasks that students must complete, and skills I want them all to have, but there are always choices in how students can demonstrate these learning milestones. 


My day to day art practice includes any number of artistic media including but not limited to drawing, painting, digital design, videography, stop-motion animation, sculpture, found objects, and collage. I try my best to create work with a sense of humor as I feel that is an effective and pleasant way to build a connection with others. 


Exhibit History
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