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Now there is an infinite number of projects that I could potentially work on in a million different ways. I have what I would describe as a lot of non-traditional skills. I am educated, and have earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree in the field of Art education, but I think what makes me exceptional are the skills I have taught myself and refined through years of practice. I read, I tinker, I play with scraps, and I binge watch DIY videos while I eat breakfast. I have no idea exactly why you might want to hire me, but I have attempted to illustrate some price points for some of the kinds of things I can do.

Custom Mazes

One of the most common things that other people know about me as an artist is that I can create a lot of different types of mazes - mazes that look like people, makes with secret messages, and more. Check my gallery for more examples of my mazes. 

  • Image Maze: $30

  • Hidden Message Maze: Price starts at $30 (depends on length of message)

  • Image with hidden message

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Experienced Art Educator

Most of my formal education and professional experience has been in the field of Art education. I have taught in K-12 schools in a variety of communities and school structures. Mostly, I have worked with elementary students, but I have worked with Middle School, High School, and even some college. I even created an online Art program during the pandemic to provide Art education to Middle School students who did not have access to Art through their school. You can learn more about that here

If you are interested in hiring me as an educator, these price points should give you an idea of what it could cost

  • 1-on-1 Sessions = $30/hr

  • Small groups up to 5 - $35/hr

Multi-Discipline Artist

I dabble in anything I can get my hands on, but I feel my strengths fall under working with found objects, non-traditional materials, collage, stop-motion animation, video art, painting, and a fair amount of graphic design. 

Creative Perspective

Maybe you have a project in mind that you could use some creative assistance with. I am pretty good at thinking outside of the box and I have worked in a lot of different roles, I


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