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Have you seen this color?

"Have you seen this color?" is a project about many things, but first and foremost it is about observation. Specifically, I have chosen five very specific colors to work with and I am asking everyone to find things that match these colors, take pictures of the match, and send those pictures to me. 


How can I be really sure I found the right color?

I am posting signs around town with samples of the correct colors available for anyone to take so that you can find a super close match. If you do not happen to live in my town and would like a physical sample to find the correct colors, email me an address where I can send samples of the colors. You can email me through


The colors

The colors were chosen for several reasons - their variety, their lack of connection to established color schemes, and the fact that these colors might be somewhat difficult to give a name that everyone would agree upon. I also wanted to choose colors somewhat randomly as to not have too much of a connection to them before starting this experimental art project. 

digital versions.jpg

Digitally Speaking

If you are interested in exploring a connection to this project digitally, you can use the reference guide to the left here to know these colors in a variety of other color systems. You could try to print this, or keep this as a color reference on your phone. 


Help Spread the Word

If you two are interested in putting up flyers and expanding this project, you can download these flyer templates and print them yourself.

If you would like to participate with a project like this but are not able to print something in color, perhaps you should check out another project I have going on called A Shape Named Dave


Staying connected

If you would like to send me pictures of color matches that you have found, please email

If you would like to follow this project on Instagram, I am posting under the profile 


I am developing plans to exhibit parts of this project, but details are still being managed. Stay tuned for more information.

Colors Found in the Wild

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