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Andy Steinbrink

If I was as cool as I wanted to be in high school, my bedroom would have felt a lot like Steinbrink's current installation at MOCA, Tucson. The dozens of handmade unique shelves around the room were carefully sprinkled with a combination of pop-culture paraphernalia, peculiar objects, and personal hand-made thingies. While in between the shelves were various 2-D artworks and images. Some of which had the same sort of mix-matched potpourri vibe as all of the objects, while others were drawings and paintings of many of the objects that could be found in the room, but in slightly different arrangements. For me, this sort of self-referential circumstance made the space feel somewhat uneasy or invasive. To see these distinct objects in one space in such a manicured way, but then to see those same objects in a drawing arranged very differently made it seem like I was glimpsing into alternate realities, knowing full well that the one I was standing in was the "right" one.

One wall of the room held these two slightly interactive sculptures. I suppose I could describe them as found object view finders that were dipped in automotive paint and cotton candy. These were very fun to me. Each had a small hole or two that you could look into to reveal some other hidden gem or message. These pieces felt like accidental toys, like when you are a kid and find something that you aren't familiar with, but find a way to play with it.

Overall, one feeling that I got from this installation that I don't often get, is the inclination to come back. That is, I walked through the piece, I enjoyed it, and I pulled some meaning from it, but I feel like there could be more, much more to it. I haven't a clue if it was the artist's intention or not, but I feel like all of the little shelves and parts could be representing different stories and ideas, that if I spend enough time with it, I might discover something. If I make it back there before the exhibit rotates, I will follow up.

Learn more about the exhibit here:

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