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I wish I could just make stuff and survive. It is that simple, but it is also that complicated. It takes a different mindset to sell work versus the mindset it takes to make it. Yet unfortunately, I cannot feed myself very well with the things that I make. So, if you can help me out in that department, it would be great. Maybe there is something I have made or could make that would interest you. I am always interested in making art for people in the most personal and rewarding way possible. You can see the kinds of work that I am capable of in my various galleries, and you can see my most recent experiments through my Instagram page. If you don't see yourself needing a physical artwork from me, but would like to support my creative journey, please feel free to donate to my Venmo account under - @BenFpawlowski.


Also, please check out some of the free digital things that I have made that I am happy to share. Follow the below link.

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